Well ain't this some shit!

Sounds so Sweet! Revenge of the Petites!

This was supposed to be a critic article I wrote for a website, but I lost track of it due to my job..and general laziness. Enjoy!

I woke up to check my Twitter page and found this:

AMKingdom: Congrats to  for winning a pair of tix to the April 24 LA premiere of “Revenge of the Petites” with  !

I couldn’t believe it! I never win anything! I get to hang out with porn stars! Woot!!!

I put in for my two days off from work, gassed up the Jeep, and left at 2am, (so as to avoid the inevitable LA morning traffic). I arrived an entire 12hrs early..no way was I missing this opportunity!

After breakfast and a nap, I finally arrived! 

Shoutout to the boom mike guy, because that shit looked heavy as fuck!

One of the first young ladies to arrive was @MissCelesteStar!

Then @MissDaniDaniels arrived a little later! 

And after a bit, @Skin_Diamond arrived!

We finally were allowed into the theater after director @Harry_Sparks pulled up in his limo. He spoke a few words and thanked the staff as they cheered and thanked him back.

Watching a porn movie on the big screen with porn stars is an experience I hope to have again soon. Afterwards, there was drinking and karaoke, which made the whole evening even more fun. Who knows? Maybe I’ll be able to get things crackin’ once again! :)